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I Need A Minute

Song Title

I Need A Minute

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Imagine Dragons

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Imagine Dragons

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“I Need A Minute” by Imagine Dragons

Welcome to the land of hire
I hope you brought the right attire,
The crippled man is waiting at the doorHe said, “Your eyes are much too bright.
The things you say are never right,
The sins of all the world lie on your head.

So when you see me look the other way
‘Cause—oh, oh—lately all I do is play
All the glasses in the world say, “Come with me…”

I need a minute to get my head straight
Just to hit it before it’s too late
Innocent, considering my middle name is ‘Shake My Body’
Take a seat it’s glittering, I shimmy and I shake my body

Welcome to the land of fail
I hope you brought your soul for sale
The greeter’s still at home I think he died

The land of smash and fairy tale
The truth of life is close to hell
The best you’ll be is nearly dead or failed

So when you see me look the other way
‘Cause—oh, oh—lately all I do is say
These the plans I make believe all come with me

[Chorus 2x]

Oh, perhaps it’s all a dream and make believe
Oh, the last of all my dreams but still leave me

[Chorus 2x]

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